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Softening Grounds Stream - connecting with HyperWerk's Diploma Processes
7.5.24 @ kHaus Basel

We're at kHaus Basel with, around, beyond and under the Diploma Processes of HyperWerk. Come by for IRL Radio experience or tune in. Program as following:

Time Title Description
11:00 Check-In, GuMo HyWe Live:
Radiohr Würmli checken ein und starten den stream <3
11:15 Laufendes Radio: worming around Live:
Sharon und Jodok und das laufende Wurmmikrofon laufen durch die Räume, teilen Stimmen und Stimmungen, fragen Fragen und kriegen Antworten.
12:45 Schweizer Tanzkultur 2024 was isch los? PRE-REC Talk:
Andrea Biel in conversation with Quentin Yorke about Dance Culture in switzerland
13:00 Pleasure Tunes PRE-REC Tunes:
Noa and Leoni created a mix of "pleasure tunes", a sonic contribution of their diploma-projects that center on sexuality and pleasure
14:00 connecting through sound Live Panel Talk:
Jean, Agnes and Luccas together with Host Alexia roam around the topics of Identity, emotionality, music, vulnerability, archiving, listening practices and storytelling through which all of their diploma proccess are connected.
14:30 an archive of beloved things PRE-REC: Diploma Project of Jean Küchenhoff
15:00 „Future is a watery place“ Live Talk:
Konversationen als Methode, gemeinsames Utopieren zu üben und institutionelle Zwänge zu durchbrechen. Luisa Durrer im Gespräch mit Gabi Soliman
15:30 Live Podcast:
formafuturo is a speculative journal, podcast and life experience exploring trends and future insights at the intersection of art and design in an increasingly tech world. For softening grounds, formafutro gets in converstation with diploma student Julie Eigenheer
16:15 Live Talk:
HyperTalk venticinque:
Jahrgangsthema defined, confirmed, announced?
Venticinque erzählen von Ihrem DreamLab und ihre Findung zu ihrem Bacherlorthesis Jahrgangsthema. Was ist endlich das nächste Jahrgangsthema??? (Join us and find out ;)) Es werden verschiedene Verständnisse, Assoziationen und Aspekte zum Thema besprochen und versucht durch diesen ersten öffentlichen Talk die Basis für die kommende Auseinandersetzung aufzuweichen.
17:30 HyperTalk Alumni:ae's: Wie war's? Und jetzt so? Live Talk:
Zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum laden wir 4 HyperWerk Alumn:ae's ein, mit uns über die Vergangenheit, ihre und unsere Gegenwart und vielleicht auch über die Zukunft zu reden. Was war? Wie ging's? Was ist schön an diesem Versuch vom Lernen und Lehren und was nicht, was funktioniert und was geht in die Hose? Was nervt, und wohin gings?
Moderation: Selva (25)& Yara(24)
18:10 Apéro-Mix: DJ Headache PRE-REC Tunes: Radiohr Co-Founder and HyperWerk Alumn:ae DJ Headache sent us a mix for Apéro Pleasures <3
19:00 Panel Talk: Future Plastics Live Talk: Adrien, Belen and Fiona get in touch around their overlapping topic of plastics. From the disastrous state that is now to the artistic point of view, they're trying to negotiate future scenarios worth living in.
20:00 While the sun rises, so does the moon Live Performance:
Electronic Sound with elements & moods of gamelan music and ambient influences. Agnes Leclaire in collab with Ben Kaczor.
21:00 Guest Performance: KITE - Listen.Do You Remember the Sound of My Voice? Radiohr invites artist KITE into the realms of the HyperWerk Orbit at kHaus to close the offical part of the stream.
Conceived from the beginning as a radio piece, the focus of the work is directed towards the conscious act of listening - inner listening, outer listening and all-encompassing listening. Fueled by the synchronicity between the current climate disaster and the very rich booking their trips into space, the piece Listen. Do you remember the sound of my voice? builds on the theme of terraforming Mars to present a journey into bits and fragments of a consciousness that is no more able to grasp its present reality and is fragmented between different temporal / psychological states. ➔ KITE soundcloud
21:30 DJ-Sets, sponti happenings xoxo


Radiohr is an online radio, hosted, facilitated and self-governed by students of HyperWerk at HGK Basel. It's stream contains DJ-Sets, Readings, Talks, Live Performances, Broadcasts, ... It works as a public channel for voices and projects of students of HyperWerk and HGK, as well as non-student groups and projects. Radiohr doesn't have a fixed space in a physical sense, but pops up as a mobile radio around our workplaces at school or at events in the form and shape that is intended for the moment. We stream multilingual, in the languages of the respective people in charge of the program. The stream is streaming when we create and facilitate our own stream formats, as well as when we get invited to other projects, spaces, happenings and events.

A place for learning and growing, Radiohr, it's stream and its infrastructure is open to anyone who recognizes themselves in this manifesto

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